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Joyance Drone Agriculture Sprayer

Latest sprayer drone technology, ready to fly(RTF), foldable drone arms, remote control, autopilot by App for flight routes planning, with GPS, with night vision FPV camera, with obstacle avoidance radar......
Joyance Tech, an agricultural spraying drones factory in China, focuses on agriculture drone, drone agriculture sprayer, agriculture drone sprayer, aerial farming sprayer drone, pesticide spraying drone, UAV crop duster drone, fumigation drone, fertilizer and seeding drone, fertilizer scattering drone, thermal fogging drone and biological control drone research, development and production since 2016. Joyance drones have wide prospect in application to precision agriculture, plant conservation, disinfecting and sanitizing.......

10L Drone Agriculture Sprayer (JT10L-404QC)

16L Agriculture Drone Sprayer (JT16L-404QC)

30L fumigation drone (JT30L-606)

spreader drone & sprayer drone 2 mu1

10L electrostatic centrifugal sprayer drone (JT10L-606)

20L yemunda wekupfapfaidza drone (JT20L-606)

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