10L drone agriculture sprayer, agriculture spraying drone China Factory Manufacturer Supplier

drone agriculture sprayer, agriculture spraying drone China Factory Manufacturer Supplier


JOYANCE TECH, a reliable drone agriculture sprayer manufacturer in China verified by SGS company.

We export top quality agriculture spraying drone in the market since 2016, loved by customers from 80+ countries.

We have affordable 10L, 16L , 20L, 30L and other heavy payload agriculture drone sprayer with best price for sale.

Carbon fiber, ready to fly(RTF), remote control, autopilot by App, with GPS, terrain following, obstacle avoidance, dust-proof, waterproof, etc.

We offer 3 years warranty for the sprayer drones frame, and always supply free technical support online.

Welcome to contact us for drone agriculture sprayer videos, pictures, software, price and other details.


Model Name JT10L-404QC / JT16L-404QC / JT30L-606

Pesticide Tank 10L / 16L / 30L

Net Weight 13kg / 18kg / 27kg

Take-off Weight 27kg / 40kg / 66.5kg

Flying Time 10~15min

Flying Radius 0~1000m

Flying Height 0~30m

Flying Speed 0~12m/s

Work Temperature -10~70°C

Work Humidity 0~90%

Spray Speed 0~8m/s

Spray Width: 3.5~5.5m / 4~6m / 8~10m

Nozzle No.: 4 Nozzles / 8 Nozzles / 12 Nozzles

Spray Flow 1~1.5L/min / 2~2.5L/min / 3.5~4L/min

Spray Efficiency 5~7Ha/Hr / 8~10Ha/Hr / 12~15Ha/Hr

Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s

Wind Resistance 10m/s

Spread Size W1.14m x L1.12m x H0.58m / W1.4m x L1.35m x H0.7m / W2.2m x L1.85m x H0.8m

Folded Size W0.82m x L0.64m x H0.58m / W0.88m x L0.77m x H0.7m / W1.25m x L0.9m x H0.8m

Drone Agriculture Sprayer Power System

Motor Brushless

Propeller Carbon Fiber

ESC Rapid Throttle Response

Spraying Drone Control System

Flight Control Joyance V8.3++ FC

Remote Controller Joyance Datalink T12 RC / H12 RC / H12 RC

Battery / Quantity 14S 10000mAh / 1pc / 14S 20000mAh / 1pc / 14S 28000mAh / 1pc

Adapter + Charger Dual-Channel Charger 2400W / 3000W / 3000W

Packing Case Aluminum Case

Fumigation Drone Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools


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