Must read before you buy our drones

Necessary Knowledge

1) The sprayer drone is not a toy, never to operate it if you have not any experience.

2) Always away from buildings, trees, power poles and any other obstacles, also away from the water, crowds, animals, cars, etc.

3) Keep 10m away at least when taking off and landing.

4) Always keep the drone flying within the sight.

5) Never to touch the rotors when it is still working.

6) Do not operate the drone when you use cell, after drunk, and all what will influence your operation.

7) Land as soon as possible when low battery power warning.

8) Read our Operation Manual and Operation Video carefully before operation.

9) We will test every drone before shipment(take off, land, spray). So you will find the drone has been “used” when you get it.

10) Not all the parts on the picture and video are standard.

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