16L agricultural sprayer drones flied well in South American countries

16L agricultural sprayer drones flew well in South American countries

we have many clients’ feed backs videos every day, which proves our drone is very high quality, and also the drone is practical to use and very efficient and effective, clients are satisfied with them.

JOYANCE TECH, a reliable smart farming drone manufacturer factory supplier in China, focuses on research, development and manufacturing smart farming drone, agriculture drone sprayer, fertilizer scattering drone, thermal fogging drone and biological control drone since 2016.

Our sprayer drones, spreading drones, fogging drones and biological control drones are widely used in agricultural spraying, seeding, pest control, disinfecting and sanitizing. We can produce 200 agriculture drones per month.

We makes and exports top quality sprayer drones in the market, loved by customers from 80+ countries and regions.

We are one of the only two agricultural spraying drones companies in China who have the qualification to participate in the Canton Fair, which is endorsed by China Government.

Carbon fiber, ready to fly(RTF), remote control, autopilot by App, with GPS, terrain following, obstacle avoidance, dust-proof, waterproof, etc.

We offer 3 years warranty for the pesticide spraying drone frame, and always supply free technical support online.

We are looking for agents, distributors and dealers of farming drones all over the world, welcome to contact us for more details.

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