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Joyance Tech, an agricultural spraying drones factory in China, focuses on researching, developing and manufacturing agriculture drones, sprayer drones, UAV crop duster drones, fumigation drones, fertilizer and seeding drones, thermal fogging drones and biological control drones.

We export top quality agriculture drone in the market since 2016, loved by customers from 80+ countries.

We have affordable 10L, 16L , 20L, 30L and other heavy payload agriculture drone sprayer with best price for sale.

Latest sprayer drone technology, ready to fly(RTF), foldable drone arms, remote control, autopilot by App for flight routes planning, with GPS, with night vision FPV camera, with obstacle avoidance radar, etc.

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Model JT10L-404QC JT16L-404QC JT30L-606
Pesticide Tank 10L 16L 30L
Net Weight 13kg 18kg 27.5kg
Take-off Weight 27kg 40kg 67KG
Flying Time 10~15min 10~15min 10~15min
Flying Radius 0~1000m 0~1000m 0~1000m
Flying Height 0~30m 0~30m 0~30m
Flying Speed 0~12m/s 0~12m/s 0~12m/s
Work Temperature -10~70°C -10~70°C -10~70°C
Work Humidity 0~90% 0~90% 0~90%
Spray Speed 0~8m/s 0~8m/s 0~8m/s
Spray Width/Nozzle No. 3.5~5.5m / 4 Nozzles 4~6m / 8 Nozzles 8~10m / 10 Nozzles
Spray Flow 1~1.5L/min 2~2.5L/min 3.5~4L/min
Spray Efficiency 5~7Ha/Hr 8~10Ha/Hr 12~15Ha/Hr
Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s 4~15m/s 4~15m/s
Wind Resistance 10m/s 10m/s 10m/s
Machine Size Spread Size W1.15m x L1.15m x H0.6m W1.5m x L1.5m x H0.7m W2.1m x L1.85m x H0.8m
Folded Size W0.85m x L0.65m x H0.6m W0.85m x L0.85m x H0.7m W1.2m x L0.9m x H0.8m
Power System Motor Brushless Brushless Brushless
Propeller Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
ESC Rapid Throttle Response Rapid Throttle Response Rapid Throttle Response
Flight Control K++ V2 K++ V2 K++ V2
Remote Controller Joyance Datalink H12 RC Joyance Datalink H12 RC Joyance Datalink H12 RC
Battery / Quantity 14S 10000mAh / 1pc 14S 20000mAh / 1pc 14S 28000mAh / 1pc
Adapter + Charger Dual-Channel Charger 2400W Dual-Channel Charger 3000W Dual-Channel Charger 3000W
Aluminum box size / weight 98*92*68cm / 50kg 98*92*75cm / 65kg 154*109*94cm / 100kg
Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools Maintenance/Repair Tools Maintenance/Repair Tools


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