Joyance autopilot flight controller

Joyance flight controller, intelligent 32 bit processor autopilot control system.

Mature and reliable industrial design
Joyance flight controller is a mature flight controller which can be used in imaging drone.
It integrates high-precision sensor components, uses the accurate calibration algorithm in advanced industrial level. All these made GPS mode intelligent, precise, efficient and convenient.

Failsafe and return
Master controller losing ground control signal, the system will enter into failsafe protection model, keep the hovering state and perform return and land according to actual situation.

Low battery protection
In order to prevent your multi-rotor from crash or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage, there are two levels of low voltage protection available to use.
All the two levels of protection have LED flashing warning by default, the first level protection has yellow LED warning, the second level protection has red LED warning.
Low voltage protection of auto-return and land compared with the failsafe protection one, they have the same return way, the difference is that the former has no hovering action before landing.

Supported Receivers: PWM、PPM、SBUS
Apply to most remote controllers and receivers in the market, meanwhile it also supports the PPM and SBUS receiver.
Internal wiring pattern will become concise and beautiful when the PPM has been installed.

Flight parameter
Hovering Accuracy Horizontal ±1.5m
Vertical ±0.8m
Max. tilt angle 35°
Max. yaw angular velocity 100°/s
Max. vertical speed 6m/s
Max. horizontal speed 25m/s
Max. waypoints 128
Max. wind resistance Sustained wind level V Gusts level VI

Built-in function
Stable mode
GPS mode
Skyway flight mode
Click and fly mode
Smart circle flying mode
Failsafe mode
Low voltage protection

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