surveying & mapping

surveying & mapping
Geometrically corrected photographs
Orthomapping is a geometrically corrected aerial photograph with a uniform map. The picture is corrected for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt. However, it keeps the advantages of a normal photograph – visually displaying cultural and land characteristics, instead of representing those features using symbols and lines in a map. As a result, the photograph gives an accurate representation of the surface, making it helpful to measure true distances and to get a near real-time land map overview.
Traditionally this technology was exclusive because only professional surveyors had the resources to take these pictures. Helicopters, planes and satellites are typically used to make orthomaps. The problem is that these methods carry a significant price tag and typically shoot the picture with a low resolution.
Due to technical advancements in both software and hardware, it is now possible for anyone to create highly accurate orthomaps. The Aerialtronics Unmanned aircraft System (UAS) can be equipped with sensors that provide aerial photographs with high resolutions.

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