What will cause drone crash?

What will cause drone crash?

1. Operation error
Especially for new operators, they are not familar with remote controller function and very nervous when operating.
They spend too much time on thinking about how to operate, and can't respond in time.
Which cause most of the crash.

So we advice customers to do more practice and be familar with the function before spraying formally.

2. Misunderstanding
Sprayer drone is a very precision machine, the material is very light and strong, but not strong enough to bear big crash.
The operator need to use it very carefully, and do the best to avoid any crash, because every crash will cause big harm to the drone, and leave hidden dangers.
Just like driving a car, if we drive it carefully, there will be no traffic accident for a long time, but if carelessly, maybe very frequently.
Some users operate drone rudely, they drive it like a tractor, ignore small crash, and don`t replace damaged parts in time, the drone becomes worse and worse, which may cause big crash in future.

So we advice customers to treat the drones well, do daily check and maintenance, always keep the drone in good work condition.

3. Lack of repaire and maintenance
When small crash occurs, if we don't replace the damaged parts in time and do calibrations correctly according to our guide, may cause crash again.
The drones balance will be greatly influenced with damaged parts.
Beside of replacing the visible damaged parts, we also need to inspect the whole drone frame, flight system, spraying system, power system to make sure the drone can work well after replacing the parts.
For example, Mercedes Benz car is a good car, right? Can it prevent any traffic accident?
Car breaks front bumper only after traffic accident, but when we repair it, we need to repair not only front bumper but also adjust 4 wheels balance and do many other tests too.
Then it is easy to understand we not only need to replace the damaged drone parts, but also need to inspect the folding joint strengthen, motor level and frame vibration, to determine whether we need to replace these parts.

Joyance Tech always give the best technical support to our customers, if you need, please don`t hesitate to contact us!

3. Bad GPS signal at your place
Joyance drones` GPS adopt the latest advanced U-blox m8n GPS, but it is still Civil Grade. (Military Grade is restricted )
Good or bad GPS signal is determined by the GPS provider in your place, not Joyance Terch.
It is just like cellphone, if the signal is bad in one place, even Iphone can not have call.

So we advice customers to pay attention to the GPS siginal, if it can`t meet the requirement, change another take-off and land place, or try another day.

Joyance drones are already at the level of the best brands of agricultural drones, more and more customers buy from us, and now we have many regular customers, they order frequently.
Here are feedback videos from some customers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ED_u_NejQU

Joyance has a strict quality management system, each drone is 100% tested for at least 4 times, has to pass through a rigorous quality control test to confirm it meets the highest standards in performance and durability.
If the crash is because of the quality of our products, we will provide warranty for the drone and spare parts.

We are a reliable and responsible company, we intend to serve customers sincerely, and provide the best and in-time after-sales service.

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